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PlatformHost Advanced Technology and Online Automation Services      

Is new technology and online innovation leaving your company behind?!

  Frustrated with online technology?

  Website outdated or a template?

  Competition taking your sales?

  Want executive email services?

  Need online database capabilities?

  Want continuous webmaster SEO?

  Get the Best of Your Online World,

All in One Very Special Place...

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Do you own a site someone built for you, then threw back in your lap for you to update and maintain without tech support (or worse yet, the technical support charges you each time you request a website change!)? Lacking cool online enhancements to make your website genuinely work for you so you can enjoy absentee ownership of your business?

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Excellent Content Management Systems

Whether you need point-of-sale interactive features, transitional business services or live-chat website technologies, one thing is certain. If you’re not taking care of your potential customers, someone else is!

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Remarkable, Innovative Business Services

Make your “corner office” any location in the world while keeping in direct two-way communication with potential customers while they are actually on your website!

Increase sales closings by an average of more than 83.5% using PlatformHost Auto-Invite. Get the versatility and sales productivity you need - perfect for a one-person office, establishing your own virtual sales team or expanding into a global call center application...

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Highly Productive
Business Websites

  Custom PlatformHost website building | PlatformHost business and e-commerce website building | PlatformHost websites for business owners   Revenue-Producing Websites
  Special PlatformHost website building for small business websites | PlatformHost website building for small businesses | PlatformHost websites for person-to-person networkers   Informational Product Sales
  Your Platform Host team builds special websites for those in the service industries!   Service Industry Websites
  Let PlatformHost customize a professional business person’s website for you!   Professionals’ Websites
  Let PlatformHost design and build a custom home-based business website just for you and your home-based business.   Home-Based Business Websites
  Let PlatformHost customize a cloud website and online access for you and your executive team!   Executive Teams’ Managed Clouds

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We provide excellent database management.
Leader of excellent website development services

Non-Profit Organizations
and Specialty Websites

    Special PlatformHost website building for church websites | PlatformHost church website building | PlatformHost websites for churches   Church Websites with Special Features
    Special PlatformHost website building for healthcare websites | PlatformHost website building for doctors | PlatformHost websites for the HealthCare Industry and Medical Professionals   Medical and HealthCare Websites
    Your Platform Host team builds special non-profit organization websites!   Non-Profit Organization Websites
    Let PlatformHost customize a professional organization website just for you and your members!   Professional Organizations’ Websites
    Let PlatformHost design and build a custom real estate website just for you and your real estate business.   Real Estate Sales & Property Mgt. Sites
    At PlatformHost Plus, we build special causes websites | PlatformHost websites for those with special needs | PlatformHost exclusive websites with special tools and features   Websites for Special Causes

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PlatformHost E-Book Publishing Services

Professional E-Book Publishing

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An Overview of the Features, Benefits and Business Tools of Our Members

  Your Power Tools  

Dual Servers:
All files are hosted on secure servers and regular servers for easy set up of secure payment forms, PayPal payment pages, eBay links, silent online auctions, etc.

The most advanced level of features & services available on the Internet today!

Xeon Processors for quick web page loading by your website visitors

No file extension limitations:
Easily load .exe, .js, .mpeg, .pdf files and more into your website access area!

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Invisible tracking mechanisms in 24/7 real time, domain name-specific ad tracker

Full audio/video streaming capabilities

Social networking home front – one stop for everything social!

Webmaster-assisted search engine submissions with “live” key testing, H tags, exclusive full circle searches

  Your PlatformHost Team

Certified, trained professionals with several years of website development experience

Your own account coordinator and website development team

Periodic website structure and framework reviews

Ongoing meta tag development

Website, density, and SEO monitoring

Continuous keyword embedding and updating

Payment processor analyses

Online directory listings, includes Google

Courtesy notifications by email

Exclusive add-on tools and electronics such as Auto-Invite and USB card swipers

Customized recommendations tailored to your online business goals for your website

24/7 real-time technical support

  Promoting Your Business  

Submittal forms integration capabilities

Full-service autoresponders (provide 24/7 online support directly to your customers)

Custom IMAP/POP3 web-based emailboxes (40+ languages and html/text email)

Full array of professional mailing list services, including mail forwarders, setting up of aliases, autoresponders, self-serves

Integration in Complete Network, Inc.’s backlinking program

Marketing oriented website admin area provides additional tools, helpful Quick Guides™, and much more to keep you ahead of your competitors!

Inclusion in CNI’s marketing campaigns and eligibility for various promotional activities

Exclusive business services admin section

CNI Graphics Department professional services (includes format changes)

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