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PlatformHost - Our Story and Mission to Serve Our Members

PlatformHost became a formalized division of Complete Network, Inc. in 1995, on the premise that we shall strive to provide the very finest, high-quality online business presence features and benefits for our members and provide the best website development tools of anywhere on this planet! To this day, we are continuously miles ahead of the others in our industry when it comes to the advanced technologies and benefits we provide to our members; and the solid, stable track records of our members’ successful websites prove this!

As the #1 global website tool developer in the world, we invite you to become a member of our vast online business community! Whether you’re looking for a spectacular set of website benefits, features, and tools on an extremely reliable set of high-speed secure servers, focusing on a geographical location such as for Michigan web site development, global web hosting en Colombia, business expansion online with regards to Houston website development, selecting the finest in web hosting services for California, or simply need the #1 best provider worldwide for search engine meta optimization service, we have the best website and online business presence solutions available in the world...

We offer a wide variety of exclusive features and business development benefits that are the best in the world! Just a few examples of these are features like our top notch Corner-The-Market Program, Expertise Web Pages, Full-Circle Searches and benefits which include integration in CNI’s well-established business development and marketing programs. We also take great interest and pride in special website building services we offer to non-profit organizations, feature-packed websites for sports clubs, and the great benefits and features that we provide for church website building and related services.

In addition to our website development services and business expansion and growth services, we also offer a vast array of other online services such as full-service mailing list capabilities, POP3 emailboxes that are global in scope and provide sending and receiving of emails in over forty languages, autoresponders, newsletter design tools, hard copy advertising and marketing support services so that our members receive the best of the online and brick-n-mortar worlds when it comes to their sales efforts, and much more…

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