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PlatformHost - Superior Database Management Services

The Complete Network, Inc. TechLand Data Facility
The TechLand Data Facility

With several technology and data facilities in the U.S. and other locations throughout the world, you have access to the most advanced technology equipment and resources available. Shown above is one of our newest U.S. facilities which has been proudly named “TechLand” by the employees at our PlatformGear Division.

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With state-of-the-art technology facilities such as TechLand [see photo on the left], you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you and your company are receiving the most advanced and highest level of quality for your technology equipment and services at the PlatformHost Division of Complete Network, Inc.

Whether you require a sophisticated interlinking of databases throughout the globe or just need one “very important” database to hold information for the members of your non-profit organization, we have the configuration of user-specific database management services that will be the perfect fit for your organization.

Our custom design and set up for PlatformHost database management services offers you the opportunity to literally have thousands of possible combinations of programming codes, online access, report formats, information gathering mechanisms, etc. Our database development techniques are unique to each of our clients and maximize the true return you need for accessing information in today’s environment:

when you need your data in a particular format,

where access to your information is web-based,

...and in the secure storage you need.

Your database information is always available 24/7.

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