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PlatformHost - The Finest in Electronic Publishing Services

With PlatformHost All-Inclusive Electronic Publishing Services, online publishing has never been so easy!

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...finally, you’ve done it! You finished writing your book. You invested those long hours writing page after page; completed the proofreading; critiqued your own writing skills. Now the many decisions that come with your book being published and sold successfully are staring you in the face!

But wait!!

There are two primary decisions that can literally “make or break your success” in the writing field! First, should you publish your book electronically or traditionally? Second, who will take care of publishing your book for you?

PlatformHost is your answer.

A few of your many PlatformHost E-Publishing benefits:

Your ISBN and bar code [if needed] are furnished.

Format adjustments for viewing in electronic readers

Professional eBook covers and 3D cover images

Custom designed, professional writer’s website

Sales pitch page for your book and its press release

Webmaster-assisted SEO and search engine submissions

Set up of your book in Amazon’s Kindle* store

...and much, much more!

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